Is there an 1831 census?

Is there an 1831 census?

In some places, the 1831 census is descibed as “no longer exists” or “has been destroyed” but this is a misconception. The official census was simply a count under various headings for each parish, township, or place so in terms of information on individuals or households, it never did exist.

Is the 1801 census available online?

From 1921-1991 the censuses were not published as Parliamentary Papers, these are found in the Official Papers reading room on open shelf. They are not available in digital format.

Are there any census records before 1841?

Before 1841, only fragments of censuses exist, even though censuses have been taken every ten years since 1801. The population had almost doubled over four decades, and in light of this the census was overhauled following the Population Act 1840.

Was there a UK census in 1951?

The United Kingdom Census 1951 was a census of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland carried out on 8 April 1951. It was the first to ask about household amenities and the largest so far attempted in the country.

Will ancestry co uk have the 1921 Census?

The 1921 England and Wales census records aren’t currently available on Ancestry because the National Archives has signed an exclusive deal with Findmypast .

What date was the 1939 Register taken?

29 September 1939
2. When and why the Register was compiled. The 1939 Register was taken on 29 September 1939. The information was used to produce identity cards and, once rationing was introduced in January 1940, to issue ration books.

When was the first census taken in England and Wales?

The Census Act of 1800 (aka the Population Act) paved the way for national censuses to be introduced to England, Wales and Scotland in 1801. The 1801 Census, 1811 Census, 1821 Census and 1831 Census were taken for statistical purposes and the census data gathered was used for measuring population growth.

Where can I find the 1831 census records in Hampshire?

Fordingbridge 1831 Census Record held at Hampshire Record Office Headley 1821 Kings Worthy 1811 Lymington 1801 Lymington 1811 Newchurch 1821 Rotherwick 1811 Census Record held at Hampshire Record Office

What was the population of Great Britain in 1831?

The fourth census of Great Britain (that is England, Scotland and Wales) was taken on Monday 30th May 1831. The returns gave a population of 16.54 million people, an increase of 1.9 million over 1821. There were 2.85 million inhabited buildings, occupied by 3.41 million families.

What questions were removed from the 1831 census?

The question relating to people’s ages, which had been introduced (albeit voluntarily) in the 1821 census was removed for this census. However, the 1831 census introduced much more detailed questions relating to occupation, using a pre-determined list. [*] This legalised civil marriage in England and Wales.