Is the Scott Scale 960 a good bike?

Is the Scott Scale 960 a good bike?

Overall, the Scott Scale 960 is a great cross-country mountain bike at great value, that you won’t immediately outgrow as your skills advance.

How much does the Scott Spark 960 weight?

2021 Scott Spark 960

MSRP $2,499
Weight 32.0 lbs
Suspension Full
Travel 120mm rear, 130mm front
Frame Aluminum

What type of bike is a Scott Spark 960?

Suspension Mountain Bikes
Scott Spark 960 2021 | Dual Suspension Mountain Bikes | Bicycle Superstore.

How much is the Scott Spark?

Prices start at an impressively affordable £2,199 / $2,449.99 / €2,399 for the 2022 Spark 970 and rise to a whopping £11,999 / $12,999.99 / €12,999 for the 2022 Spark RC SL EVO AXS.

Is Scott or giant better?

Scott bikes are generally lightweight and high-quality, targeting the mid-range and high-end market, but often costlier than Giant bikes and have a shorter frame warranty. In contrast, Giant offers more affordable bikes, which suit entry-level and mid-range markets, and a better frame warranty.

Is the Scott scale 960 the world’s fastest cross country bike?

Scott has been putting race rigs under some of the world’s fastest cross country riders for decades now. But that doesn’t mean its bikes are treacherously twitchy or narrow-bar-minded off the trail and if you like to mix miles with smiles then the Scale 960 is a belter for doing just that. That’s not to say it’s lacking serious flat-out talent.

Are Scott 29ers with lockout Forks any good?

Lightweight 29ers with lockout forks aren’t rare – particularly among European brands – and you could probably find one better specced than the mostly Shimano Deore-equipped Scale without looking too hard. Where Scott wins in terms of overall appeal though is the more relaxed handling feel of a 69-degree head angle and a 720mm-wide bar.

Are 29er wheels the best for rough trails?

The 29er wheels – especially when wrapped in our favourite Maxxis Ikon speed tyres – are undoubtedly the fastest rolling conventional set-up on rough trails, and that’s great news for speed freaks.

What size wheels do I need for the scale 760?

Whatever frame size you ride you’ve a choice of wheel sizes too as the Scale 760 uses 27.5in wheels with an otherwise identical spec rather than limiting you to bigger wheels in bigger frames and vice versa.