Is evolvulus perennial?

Is evolvulus perennial?

Evolvulus glomeratus, or Dwarf Morning Glory, is a tender, non-vining, herbaceous perennial more often grown as an annual that is a member of the Convolvulaceae family. It has brilliant blue flowers over a carpet of fuzzy, oval-shaped green leaves.

How do you take care of evolvulus?

Evolvulus will grow in partial shade, but looks its best in a sunny spot that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sun a day. It likes well-drained soil and hates having its feet wet for too long. If you are growing evolvulus as a perennial, cut it back in the early spring to encourage new growth.

Is evolvulus poisonous?

Is Evolvulus Considered Toxic or Poisonous To People, Kids, Pets? According to the Pacific Island Ecosystems at Risk (PIER) website, Evolvulus glomeratus carries a very low risk of toxicity and has a score of zero toxicity on their scale.

Does blue daze come back every year?

This beautiful perennial (it will come back year after year) ground cover is so easy to take care and has so few issues that I am sure it will quickly become one of your favorites as well. It is an extremely hardy plant, and it will tolerate conditions near a pool very well!

How do I make my Evolvulus Blue My Mind?

Plant Needs Blue My Mind loves hot weather, in fact, the hotter the better! It will perform best in full sun and needs to be protected from even light frost. It is drought tolerant, once it is established. Plants do need to be watered well for several weeks during root establishment.

Can you propagate Evolvulus?

Evolvulus pilosus belongs to the same plant family (Convolvulaceae) but comes from the North American prairies. It has simple leaves with a silvery tone and rounded bright blue flowers for a long period from summer to autumn. It can be propagated by cuttings taken in spring or autumn.

How tall do Evolvulus grow?

3/4 to 1 foot tall
How to Grow and Care for Evolvulus

Botanical Name Evolvulus glomeratus
Plant Type Herbaceous perennial
Family Convolvulaceae
Mature Size 3/4 to 1 foot tall, 2 to 3 feet wide
Sun Exposure Full sun

Is Evolvulus an evergreen?

Blue daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is an evergreen member of the morning glory family characterized by downy leaves and funnel shaped, sky blue or lavender flowers that are up to an inch long. Blue daze is a low maintenance plant that requires minimal care to thrive.

Is Blue My Mind invasive?

‘Blue My Mind’ is considered a hybrid, and the industry has tagged it as a dwarf morning glory. However, this plant has zero in common with the invasive vining morning glory — other than belonging to the Convolvulaceae family. The name “evolvulus” means to untwist or not climb.

Are redbud trees toxic to dogs?

Others include verbena, shasta daisy, liatris, peony, butterfly weed, Russian sage, raspberry and viburnum, as well as small flowering trees like styrax, halesia, fringe tree and eastern redbud. Avoid tying dogs to trees. It can kill the tree and create an aggressive animal. And don’t leave dogs out for too long.

How do you care for a blue daze plant?

Water your blue daze regularly during its first year of growth so that the soil remains moist. Once established, blue daze should only be watered when the top few inches of the soil dry out. In winter, when blue daze is not in bloom, water only during periods of drought.

How long do blue daze live?

It can survive winters in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 9 through 11, according to the Missouri Botanical Garden. The blue daze growing season begins in late spring and lasts through the first frost.

What are the characteristics of Evolvulus?

One of the most remarkable characteristics about evolvulus is that its flowers come in one of the most elusive colors in the horticultural world: a bright, true blue. Blooming from late spring all the way until frost, evolvulus has the benefit of being self-cleaning, so there is no need to worry about removing old spent blooms.

Can Evolvulus grow in a container?

It thrives in the heat of summer and is fairly drought-tolerant. This plant will flourish when planted in a garden bed as a low-growing groundcover plant, as well as in a container. When you’re first growing evolvulus, be sure to prune the plant back somewhat to encourage branching.

What is the difference between morning glory and Evolvulus?

A close relative of morning glory, the flowers tend to have a few of the same quirks, including closing up at the end of the day and re-opening the following morning. One of the most remarkable characteristics about evolvulus is that its flowers come in one of the most elusive colors in the horticultural world: a bright, true blue.

Do Evolvulus flowers close in the afternoon?

A member of the morning glory family, evolvulus flowers will typically close in the afternoon–so be sure to grow this cheerful groundcover in a place where you can enjoy its blooms before they close each day.