Is BMW E90 325i reliable?

Is BMW E90 325i reliable?

Although the BMW E90 325i and 328i are some of the most reliable BMWs, they’re not fault-proof. Unfortunately, the solenoids which do the modulation can fail after about 70,000 miles, BMW Tuning reports. It is worth noting, though, that VANOS issues are not specific to just the N52.

What engine does my E90 have?

BMW 3 Series (E90)

BMW 3 Series (E90/E91/E92/E93)
Engine Petrol: 1.6–2.0 L N43/N45/N46 I4 2.5–3.0 L N52/N53 I6 3.0 L N54/N55 I6 turbo 4.0 L S65 V8 Diesel: 2.0 L M47/N47 I4 3.0 L M57/N57 I6
Transmission 6-speed manual 6-speed ZF 6HP automatic 7-speed dual-clutch

What engine is in E90 325i?

BMW 3 Series Sedan (E90) 325i (218 Hp) Automatic 2005, 2006, 2007 Specs

General information
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Fuel System Multi-point indirect injection
Engine aspiration Naturally aspirated engine
Engine oil capacity 6.5 l 6.87 US qt | 5.72 UK qt

What is E91?

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What is the difference between E90 E91 E92 E93?

Coupe Is E92, E90 Is Sedan, E91 Is Wagon, And E93 Is Convertible… ^ What they said, so what do you have? and not to be rude but the grey bar above your post, explains it all.

When did the BMW E90 3 series 325i come out?

The E90 3 Series model is a Sedan car manufactured by BMW, sold new from year 2005 until 2013, and available after that as a used car. What engine is in BMW E90 3 Series 325i? The BMW E90 3 Series 325i has a Inline 6, Petrol engine with 2497 cm3 / 152.4 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 2005 BMW E90 3 Series 325i have?

Can You tune a BMW 325i E90 N53?

BMW 325i E90 N53 TUNING. Tuning a car is a delicate thing. Whether it’s an ECU remap, a new turbo or a full-on stage three tuning, you Developing the best possible ECU remap (chiptuning) for a car requires time and intimate knowledge of the vehicle you’re tuning.

What is the fuel consumption of the BMW E90 3 series?

With a fuel consumption of 8.4 litres/100km – 34 mpg UK – 28 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 7.0 seconds, a maximum top speed of 152 mph (245 km/h), a curb weight of 3097 lbs (1405 kgs), the E90 3 Series 325i has a naturally-aspirated In-line 6 cylinder engine, Petrol motor. This engine produces…

How much does a BMW 325i weigh?

BMW E9x 325i & 330i 325i 330i Engine N52 N52 Weight 3,285 lbs 3,417 lbs Horsepower 215hp 255hp Torque 185 lb/ft 220 lb/ft