Is a RM125 a good bike?

Is a RM125 a good bike?

The RM125 is a dream in two stroke performance. It’s quick off the start gate, quick around turns, light as a feather, but still plenty of power off the jumps, in the woops easy to control and power like no other two stroke 125 in it’s class. It handles like you want it to. All in all, it’s a great bike.

When was the last RM125 made?

Motorcycles within the RM series continue to be manufactured today, the famous RM125 was discontinued in America in late 2008 . The 100 cc Rm100 was discontinued in 2005. The Rm250 was discontinued by the 2008 model year.

What year did the Suzuki RM 125 come out?

Produced from 1974 to 2008, the Suzuki RM125 signaled the beginning of the Japanese firm’s “Racing Model” series. It featured a “Full Floater” suspension system, 6-speed manual gearbox, and up-swept exhaust that enabled it to best its competition and land Dirt Bike Magazine’s “Hall of Fame.”

How many cc is a RM125?

Suzuki RM 125 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Engine type – Number of cylinders Single cylinder, two-stroke
Engine details
Fuel system Carburettor. Mikuni
Engine size – Displacement – Engine capacity 124.00 ccm (7.57 cubic inches)

Is a Suzuki RM125 a 2 stroke?

It’s a 125cc 2 stroke motocross bike built for teens and adults that want a transition or trainer bike. The RM125 was made for a few decades, but Suzuki quit making them in 2007 due to their 4 stroke motocross bikes taking over.

What is the best year RM 125?

Best year for the RM125 If you’re looking for an all-out race bike, I would definitely consider adding a 2001 or newer RM 125 to the list, whether you’re still a novice, or an expert.

Is a 125 2-stroke as fast as a 250 4 stroke?

Which is Faster 250 4 Stroke or 125 2 Stroke? A modern 250 4 stroke will be faster than a 125 2 stroke 9 times out of 10. It has almost twice the low-end torque, making it easier to ride, and the peak horsepower is close to the same.

How fast does a yz125x go?

The Yamaha YZ125 top speed is nearly 70 mph that also gives it an excellent top-end grunt. This motocrosser comes with a fully adjustable suspension at both ends.

What is my Suzuki RM 125?

My Suzuki RM 125 is manufactured by the Japanese Suzuki Motocross bike that can get the shields. Powered by a two-stroke 125cc engine . The RM 125 is usually light yellow motorcycle.

Who is the manufacturer of the RM125?

Suzuki RM125 Manufacturer Suzuki Also called RM 125 Production 1979 – 2008 Class Motocross

Is there a 2004 Suzuki rm125 that is a nut restoration?

2004 Suzuki RM125 That Is A Nut/Bolt Restoration – I Purchased This Bike In March Off Ebay From The Guy That Completed The Restoration. The Bike Was Too Tall For Me So I Had It Professionally Lowered With The Lowering Link And Front Fork Lowering Kit. I Also Purchased The Shaved Seat.The Bike Comes With The New Factory Seat And Factory Link.

What is the top speed of the RM125?

Suzuki RM125 Top Speed 65 mph Horsepower 41.04 HP (30.6 KW) @ 11500RPM Torque 22.13 ft/lbs (30.0 Nm) @ 10500RPM Fuel System Mikuni TMX38S carburetor