How tall is the Buster sword?

How tall is the Buster sword?

Judging by Cloud’s official height of five-foot-seven, fans have calculated the Buster Sword to be about six feet long and one food wide. In-universe, the blade was originally created for a SOLDIER named Angeal Hewley, who passed it down to Final Fantasy 7’s Zack Fair, who then gave it to Cloud.

How long is the Buster sword handle?

The overall length of the Cloud Strife Buster Sword replica is 52 inches. It has 37.5 inches blade length, and 14.5 inches handle length. The handle grip is comfortable for gripping and durable.

Why is Cloud’s Buster sword so big?

FF7: The Reason Cloud’s Buster Sword Is So Big However, even Zack wasn’t the first owner of the Buster Sword. His parents had to borrow a lot of money for the sword, which Angeal’s father worked until his death to pay it off. Angeal carried it around with him in addition to his more commonly-used weapon.

How long is Sephiroth sword?

The blade’s exact length varies, usually measuring at least as long as Sephiroth is tall or slightly longer, which would make it approximately six-to-eight feet long. The angle of the curve of the blade also varies, but it is never entirely straight.

How tall is Tifa Lockhart?

about 5 feet 6 inches
She stands about 5 feet 6 inches (167 cm) tall and has measurements of 36-24-35″ (92-60-88 cm). Initially, Nomura had difficulty deciding whether to go with a miniskirt or long pants.

Is the dragon slayer bigger than the Buster sword?

With the edges considered, estimates from other Redditors varied, but most estimated the blade was at minimum 380 lbs, making it an absurdly heavy weapon. Even at the Buster Sword’s largest estimated size and the Dragon Slayer’s minimal size, the Dragon Slayer is still 4.75 times larger than the Buster Sword.

Is Sephiroth’s sword a Nodachi?

The Final Fantasy VII Masamune is a Japanese Odachi/Nodachi used by the character, Sephiroth, said to be the only one able to effectively use it. But with Geisha’s Blade version of the Masamune, even you can wield it!

How big is a Buster Sword?

The Buster Sword is classified as an enormous broadsword. From tip to handle, it is approximately five to six feet long, with a single-edged large blade approximately one foot wide.

Which Final Fantasy Figures have the original Buster Sword?

The Zack figurine was released before Advent Children: Final Fantasy VII and Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, so the Buster Sword is still the original version without the more ornamental base. Cloud’s Dissidia Final Fantasy Trading Arts figure also has the original Buster Sword, because that’s the one he wields in that game.

What is the difference between cloud’s and Zack’s Buster Sword?

Buster Sword has appeared in Final Fantasy Trading Arts figures with both Cloud and Zack. Cloud has the plain version while Zack’s Buster Sword has cracks on the surface.

Why does Angeal give the Buster Sword to Zack?

Angeal entrusts the Buster Sword to Zack as a symbol of passing on his honor and dreams. Zack uses the blade more frequently than Angeal, but swings to hit with the blunt edge.