How much weight can a centrifugal clutch move?

How much weight can a centrifugal clutch move?

A centrifugal clutch is designed to be able to move a certain amount of weight. Once the weight limit is exceeded, then the life of the clutch will be shortened. A good rule of thumb is the kart and driver (and passenger when it is a two seat kart) should not exceed 400 pounds.

How long does a Go Kart clutch last?

However if it’s improperly installed, driven in abusive conditions (sand, steep terrain, excessive weight in the kart or rear tires taller than 15″), the clutch might only last 20 minutes. Go Karts with rear tires taller than 15″ or an engine larger than 8hp require a torque converter.

How fast will a 6hp go-kart go?

How Fast Can A 6hp Go Kart Go? The top speed is 24-29 mph (there is a 15-18 mph reduction kit available).

Should you lube a centrifugal clutch?

Your Kart or mini-bike is equipped with a centrifugal clutch that has to be lubricated daily. Both the clutch and the chain need daily lubrication. The clutch contains an oil impregnated bronze bushing. 15% of the weight of the bushing is the oil that is impregnated into the bushing by the manufacturer.

What is the best go-kart gear ratio?

2. Gear Ratio Chart

Sprocket 8 10
50 6.25 5.00
51 6.38 5.10
52 6.50 5.20
53 6.63 5.30

How do you install a go kart clutch?

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.

  • Go Kart Clutch 3/4 Bore 12T for 35 Chain,Perfect for Go Kart,Minibike and Fun Kart Engine 3/4 Bar
  • Centrifugal Clutch Fits Honda GX160,GX200,GX 140,GX120,GC160,GC190,Harbor Freight Greyhound 196cc,Harbor Freight Predator 212cc,Briggs and Stratton Tecumseh Engines 2-6.5 HP with 3/4” shaft
  • How to fix a go kart clutch?

    Remove the Clutch. In order to check what is wrong,you will have to remove the clutch from the go kart base.

  • Inspect the Go Kart Clutch. You will now be looking at the insides of the clutch.
  • Check the Engine. While the clutch is out of action,this is a good time to check the rest of the go kart.
  • Replace the Clutch.
  • What is a go kart clutch?

    Fully engaged at around 1,800 RPM

  • Friction material pushes outward
  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Uses a sprocket and roller chain
  • Are Go Karts manual or automatic?

    Yes, a manual transmission system is also available in some go-karts. In fact, they have increasing appeal to many go-karting enthusiasts and professional riders. Among those who compete in the karting sport, a go-kart with a manual transmission system is highly preferable because you can have more control over your machine.