How do you make an origami star with regular paper?

How do you make an origami star with regular paper?


  1. Start Folding the Strip of Paper. Start with your strip of paper color side up if you’re using colored paper or origami paper.
  2. Make the Knot of the Star. Keep wiggling and pulling the knot tighter, flattening it at the same time.
  3. Keep Wrapping the Pentagon.
  4. Finish Tucks and Inflate the Star.

How many pieces of paper make an origami star?

You will need 2 pieces of square paper, preferably printer paper or construction paper, but you can use any type of paper you like. I used 6-inch construction paper.

How to make an origami five pointed star?

Fold a Triangle Start with your paper white side up.

  • Crease and Unfold Rotate the paper so that the top point is at the very top,with the bottom left point in the position of the star’s bottom left point.
  • Make the Mountain Fold Unfold the back as well.
  • Create the Points Crease this well,and make sure both sides are the same.
  • How to fold an origami 5 point star?

    HOW TO FOLD AN ORIGAMI 5-POINTED STAR. Make folds across the width of the pentagon starting in a corner point and folding the paper in half. So you have this shape: Unfold, and repeat this for each of the five points, until you have creases in the paper that look like this (I have drawn the fold lines in so it is clearer in the photo): Next

    How do you make an origami star?

    To make an origami star, start by taking a long strip of paper and tying a knot close to one end. Then, flatten the edges of the knot so it looks like a pentagon, and valley fold the short end. Next, flip the pentagon over, and valley fold the long end of the strip along the edge of the pentagon.

    How to crochet 5 point star?

    – The key to this pattern is that you should have twice as many double crochet stitches forming the first round as the number of star points you want to create – If you’d like to try a 7-pointed star, begin with 14 double crochet stitches. – For an 8-pointed star, start with 16 double crochet stitches.