How do I force a Db2 application?

How do I force a Db2 application?

To force off all connections to all databases in a DB2 instance, use: $ db2 force applications all DB20000I The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.

What is force application?

The FORCE APPLICATION command forces local or remote users or applications off the system to allow for maintenance on a server. Attention: If an operation that cannot be interrupted (RESTORE DATABASE, for example) is forced, the operation must be successfully re-executed before the database becomes available.

How do I force a Db2 backup?

Run LIST APPLICATIONS SHOW DETAIL command. From the output, find the application handle of the application where the value of the Status column is BACKUP. Terminate this application by FORCE APPLICATION command and specify the application handle number. DB20000I The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.

What is Agent ID in db2?

A system-wide unique ID for the application. On a single-partitioned database, this identifier consists of a 16-bit counter. In addition, this identifier is the same on every partition where the application may make a secondary connection. …

What is db2 terminate?

The Terminate command does both ie. break the connection to a database and terminate the back-end process. Suppose an application is connected to a database, or a process may be in the middle of a of work. We can use TERMINATE to make the database connection to be lost.

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How do you initialize a DB2 command line environment?

If you’ve got both the DOS (Windows) and DB2 command line prompts on your desktop, right click them and select Properties. You’ll notice that the system (DOS) prompt runs cmd.exe. The DB2 prompt runs DB2CMD.exe from the DB2 libraries. The DB2 script then runs DB2SETCP.

What is recovery in DB2?

The RECOVER utility recovers data to the current state or to a previous point in time by restoring a copy and then applying log records. The RECOVER utility can also recover data to a previous point in time by backing out committed work. After recovery, objects will be left in their transactionally consistent state.

How do you fix a deadlock in Db2?

Obtain information from the lock event monitor or administration notification log about all tables where agents are experiencing deadlocks….Procedure

  1. Write actions such as delete, insert, and update.
  2. Data definition language (DDL) statements, such as ALTER, CREATE, and DROP.
  3. BIND and REBIND commands.