How do I create a DynaMed account?

How do I create a DynaMed account?

Access DynaMed from your institution and click the icon in the top toolbar of the screen. Click the Sign In link on the box that appears. On the Sign In screen, click the Register Now link. On the Register for a Personal Account screen, enter an Email Address and Password to be used as your log in credentials.

Is OpenAthens a SSO?

OpenAthens goes beyond IP authentication, supporting a personalized research experience through single sign-on (SSO). OpenAthens is secure and simple to set up, customize and manage.

What is OpenAthens ebsco?

OpenAthens is a single sign-on service that allows end-users to log in just once to all their library’s electronic resources using a single set of credentials. OpenAthens range of value-added consultancy services for publishers can help you improve user experience and support your business goals.

Is DynaMed app free?

The DynaMed app is free with every subscription and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Is DynaMed better than UpToDate?

Accuracy in clinical answers was equal between UpToDate (average 1.35 out of 2) and DynaMed (average 1.36 out of 2). However, time to answer was 2.5 minutes faster in UpToDate compared to DynaMed. Participants were also more confident and satisfied with their answers in UpToDate compared to DynaMed.

What is DynaMed plus?

DynaMed Plus® from EBSCO Health is an evidence-based tool that health professionals can use to inform clinical care. Overall, DynaMed Plus provides evidence summaries using an easy-to-read bullet format, and the resource incorporates images, clinical calculators, patient handouts, and practice guidelines in one place.

Does Ebsco own OpenAthens?

EBSCO, Worldwide EBSCO Information Services are a major reseller of OpenAthens to library customers worldwide. As part of their service to setup and onboard our library customers, EBSCO reach out to resource providers so that patrons can connect to content and services via the OpenAthens Federation.

Can OpenAthens replace EZproxy?

OpenAthens replaces EZproxy and IP Address authentication and offers a more secure, reliable and streamlined experience for library users.

What is DynaMed used for?

The DynaMed Drug Interactions tool provides a fast and efficient way to check for potentially harmful drug interactions and provides users with useful clinical information on how to manage the potential effects.

Is DynaMed peer reviewed?

DynaMed is an electronic evidence-based, primary care database designed to provide the most useful point-of-care health information available. The peer-reviewed disease summaries are the heart of the database and can be as extensive as the equivalent of forty print pages.

Is DynaMed free?