How deep is Lyttelton Harbour?

How deep is Lyttelton Harbour?

Between the heads the harbour is 8 fathoms (15 metres) deep which gradually reduces to 3.5 fathoms (6 metres) in the vicinity of Lyttelton port.

Who owns Lyttelton Port?

Christchurch City Holdings Limited
October – Christchurch City Holdings Limited (the commercial arm of the Christchurch City Council) acquires 100% of the shares and delists Lyttelton Port Company from the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

How did Lyttelton get its name?

Lyttelton was formerly called Port Cooper (after Daniel Cooper) and Port Victoria. The name Lyttelton was formalised by the governor in 1858 in honour of George William Lyttelton of the Canterbury Association, which had led the colonisation of the area.

When was Lyttelton established?

It is 12 km south-east of Cathedral Square in central Christchurch, via the road tunnel through the Port Hills, opened in 1964. In 1850 Lyttelton was a town of about 300 when the site of Christchurch was still bare plain, but Christchurch overtook it during the 1850s.

Is Lyttelton volcano extinct?

Banks Peninsula, named for explorer Captain Cook’s botanist, consists of two overlapping extinct volcanoes, the Lyttelton Volcano and the Akaroa Volcano.

Is Lyttelton a volcano?

Lyttelton Volcano (11.0–9.7Ma) and the Akaroa Volcano (9.3–8Ma) are the larger volcanic constructs of Banks Peninsula (Fig. 1), with the contemporaneous Mt Herbert Volcanic Group (9.7–8Ma), occurring in the central region of Banks Peninsula.

How big is Lyttelton Harbour?

The harbour, on the north-east coast of Banks Peninsula, runs westwards for eight nautical miles between two imposing headlands; Godley on the northern side and Adderley on the southern. Almost a mile and a quarter wide, the harbour opens into three wide and shallow bays beyond the township of Lyttelton.

Who was Lyttelton?

George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton, in full George Lyttelton, 1st Baron Lyttelton of Frankley, (born Jan. 17, 1709, Hagley, Worcestershire, Eng. —died Aug. 22, 1773, Hagley), British Whig statesman and writer, patron of novelist Henry Fielding and poet James Thomson.

How tall is Lyttelton volcano?

While the volcano is highly eroded it still forms the majority of Banks Peninsula with a highest point of 919 metres (3,015 ft). It is a composite of two main eruptive centers one originating at Lyttelton Harbour, the other at Akaroa Harbour.

Is Lyttelton a suburb?

Lyttelton is a suburb of Centurion in Gauteng Province, South Africa.

What type of volcano is Lyttelton?

Banks Peninsula Volcano

Banks Peninsula Volcano Stratigraphic range: Late Miocene, ~
Type Volcanic Complex
Sub-units Diamond Harbour Volcanic Group, Mount Herbert Volcanic Group, Akaroa Volcanic Group, Lyttelton Volcanic Group
Overlies Torlesse Composite Terrane and Mount Somers Volcanics
Thickness Originally c.1500m

How was Lyttelton formed?

Akaroa Harbour is at the centre left. Volcanic activity between 11 and 6 million years ago led to the formation of two overlapping volcanic cones. The present harbours at Akaroa and Lyttelton were formed when the valleys were flooded as the sea level rose to its present height about 6,000 years ago.