How can I FnF GP bondhu package?

How can I FnF GP bondhu package?

Super F&F can be set by writing “SF” (space) your desired GP number “017xxxxxxxx” and send to 22888 (SMS charge applicable). Already assigned F&F numbers can be changed after every 1 days.

How can I check Super FnF?

Go to Messages and Type “FF” and Send sms to 3300. For example, your friend’s number is 01910000007 and you want to Super FnF it. For example, you already have a Super FnF number which is 01910000008.

How can I add FnF number?

How to Add FNF Number

  1. Go to your mobile keypad.
  2. Write *166*11*FNF number#
  3. Dial the code and wait for the confirmation SMS.

What is FNF number?

Family & Friends (F&F) is a service that gives you a possibility to select numbers to which you get more favourable tariff for calls.

How can I know my GP package name?

To check out your current package of GP, go to the message option and Write ‘P’ then send it to 24444. You will get the reply message soon.

How can I do FnF in Grameenphone?

Go to Messages and Type “017XXXXXXXX” and Send sms to 2888. For example, your friend’s number is 01710000001 and you want to FnF it. Go to Messages and Type “01710000001” and send sms to 2888. *You can also add multiple FnF numbers at once in Grameenphone.

How can I change my Grameenphone package?

To Migrate, Customer needs to Dial *121*1*6# Validity of each migration is 1 day. “GP- Any local operator” denotes domestic network calls only (GP-other mobile operators, GP-PSTN & GP-IPTSP) excluding any short code calls. All other charges of the package will remain same.

How can I delete my FNF number?

How to modify and delete the FNF number?

  1. To Modify FNF Member: type < FNFMOD*OLD No*New No> send it to 1415.
  2. To Delete FNF Member: type < FNFDEL*No> send it to 1415.

How can I check Jazz FNF number?

  1. Call 121 for addition / modification of Friends & Family Mobilink numbers.
  2. Dial 121 from your Jazz connection. Press 1 for FnF number administration.
  3. Select your FnF numbers. Press 1 for the first number OR.
  4. Enter your FnF number.
  5. Confirm your FnF number.

How can I change my GrameenPhone package?

You can migrate to MyPlan from Mygp app or from retail channel. You will have option to change plan by USSD (*121*4#) or from MyGp app from above plan.

How can I check my GrameenPhone postpaid balance?

Bangladeshi mobile operator’s GrameenPhone (GP), Banglalink, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Citycell Pre-paid / Post-paid Balance Check through SMS or dialing a number….BD Mobile Balance Check SMS and USSD code.

Mobile Operator Pre-paid Post-paid
GrameenPhone Dial *566# Dial *567#
Banglalink Dial *124# Dial *5000*500#