Does NALC have a new contract?

Does NALC have a new contract?

NALC will officially notify USPS of the March 8 ratification date. Information on back pay and the implementation of the new contract will be released as soon as possible. The new contract covers a 44-month term from September 20, 2019, to May 20, 2023.

How many days straight can a CCA work?

Yes, 60 calendar days from the date of appointment as a CCA. Once the CCA has met this requirement there is no additional waiting period for applying for/being awarded a hold-down when the employee is converted to career.

What is CCA in contracts?

The Construction Contracts Act 2004 (WA) (CCA) is designed to ensure the prompt flow of payments to contractors, subcontractors and suppliers in the building and construction industry. The CCA applies even if the construction contract was not in writing.

Can a CCA become a PTF?

CCAs who reach 24 months relative standing on or after April 10, 2021, will be converted to PTF career status by the first day of the third full pay period that follows the date the CCA achieves 24 months of relative standing.

Does CCA get back pay?

Most eligible city letter carriers will receive retroactive pay pursuant to the 2019-2023 National Agreement in their Aug. 20 paychecks. Back pay for some former city carrier assistants (CCAs) who were converted to career status between Nov.

Can a CCA use Ereassign?

CCAs can not use Ereasign to move to other offices. It is up to the Post Master of an office if they accept a transfer first or convert CCAs first. Also it is 3 CCA to 1 transfer in small offices , 5 CCAs to 1 transfer in larger offices. CCAs can not use Ereasign to move to other offices.

Can a CCA be removed from a hold down?

Removal from Hold-Down—There are exceptions to the rule against involuntarily removing employees from their hold-downs. PTF and CCA employees may be “bumped” from their hold-downs to provide sufficient work for full- time employees. Full-time employees are guaranteed 40 hours of work per service week.

Is CCA a permanent job?

If you show up and work you will get a permanent position. You just have to wait for retirements. You can transfer anywhere in the country.

Who does the Construction Contracts Act apply to?

The Act was amended in 2013 to provide increased protection to home owners for residential building projects. The amended Act includes the requirement for a written contract for any residential building work where the total cost of the work is more than $30,000 including GST.

What is the Construction Contracts Act 2002?

The Construction Contracts Act 2002: protects retention money withheld under commercial construction contracts. helps to ensure a fair, balanced and appropriate payment regime. provides enforcement mechanisms to recover any unmade payments.

Do CCAs get COLAs?

Back pay adjustments for the two general wage increases and three COLAS will be calculated and paid by USPS as soon as practicable. Step BB and its pay rate are the new entry step for new CCA hires.

Do CCAs get military leave?

As a CCA we do not qualify for paid military leave, only LWOP.

Do the provisions of the National Agreement apply to CCAS?

The provisions of Article 17.6 of the National Agreement apply to CCAs. Accordingly, the union is to be provided ample opportunity to address all newly hired CCAs as part of the hiring process. 39. Is the union provided an opportunity to discuss health insurance, pursuant to Article 17.6, when a CCA becomes a career employee?

Can CCAs get advice from the NALC?

Fortunately, CCAs who are members of the NALC can obtain advice and assistance on their claims from their NALC branch officers and their National Business Agents. CCAs and other letter carriers who are not members of the NALC cannot draw on these valuable resources.

What are the terms of employment for a CCA?

Updated April 2014 2 CCA Terms CCA employees are hired for terms of 360 calendar days and will have a break in service of five calendar days between appointments. Pay Rates The hourly rate for CCA employees shall be established in accordance with Table 2, Step BB.

What is the starting pay for a CCA in South Carolina?

Effective June 19, 2021, the CCA Step CC hourly pay rate (currently $17.29) will be eliminated, and CCA Step BB and its higher pay rate (currently $17.79) will become the new entry step for newly hired CCAs. A new PTF Step AA, with a waiting period of 46 weeks to PTF Step A, has been created as the starting wage for