Does BayCare pay well?

Does BayCare pay well?

The average BayCare Health System salary ranges from approximately $31,094 per year for a Registrar to $185,132 per year for a Director. The average BayCare Health System hourly pay ranges from approximately $14 per hour for a Patient Transporter to $48 per hour for a Physical Therapist.

Is BayCare a good company to work for?

BayCare ranked 68 on the list based on survey responses from more than half a million employees across the United States. In that survey, 90 percent of BayCare’s employees said the organization is a great place to work. This number is 31 points higher than the average U.S. company.

Who is the CEO of BayCare health system?

Tommy Inzina (May 1, 2016–)
BayCare Health System, Inc/CEO
Tommy Inzina, 63, was named BayCare’s third CEO in 2016 after joining the nonprofit system in 1997 as part of the financial team at Tampa’s St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Is BayCare part of Trinity Health?

BayCare was formed on July 1, 1997 under a Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) among BayCare, Trinity Health, Morton Plant Mease Health Care, Inc., and South Florida Baptist Hospital, Inc.

Is BayCare better than HCA?

BayCare is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits and HCA Healthcare is most highly rated for Compensation and benefits….Overall Rating.

Overall Rating 3.9 3.5
Management 3.4 3.1
Culture 3.7 3.4

How much does the CEO of BayCare make?

Personnel at BayCare

Name Title Compensation
Tommy Inzina President and Chief Executive Officer $3,375,715
Glenn Waters Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer $1,549,036
Janice Polo Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer $974,340

Why do I want to work for BayCare?

BayCare has excellent values and really cares for their patients. it’s a great place to work. Baycare pays higher on average for nurses than other hospital systems and they work to have good patient ratios and to work with you on your schedule. This is an excellent organization to work for.

How many employees does BayCare have?

Company Info

Rank last year 37
Employees 25,462
Job openings (as of February 2020) 2,108
Industry Health Care
Revenue, 2019 or most recent year ($M) $4,160

Is Loyola a Catholic hospital?

Home. Loyola Medicine is a regional, academic health system based in Chicago’s western suburbs and a member of Trinity Health, one of nation’s largest Catholic health systems.

Is BayCare a private hospital?

With revenues of about $4.2 billion and more than 28,000 employees, BayCare is one of the largest, private companies in west central Florida. BayCare’s inpatient and outpatient services include acute care, primary care, imaging, laboratory, behavioral health, home care and wellness.

Does HCA own BayCare?

More than half of the short-term acute care hospitals in the Tampa Bay area are owned by just two health care systems: HCA Healthcare and BayCare Health System.

Is Northside Hospital part of BayCare?

Here’s how the federal government ranks Tampa Bay area hospitals for patient safety. [Times | 2017] Northside Hospital at 6000 49th St North, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa, which is part of the BayCare chain covering 15 hospitals in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas.

Why work at BayCare?

From Nursing to IT, BayCare employs a wide range of talented professionals throughout BayCare. Connect with a recruiter at our upcoming hiring and careers events. Join one of the largest home care service providers in the state of Florida. BayCare offers an array of benefits to help you balance all aspects of your life and career goals.

How do I contact BayCare talent acquisition?

If you need assistance or an accommodation due to a disability, please contact our Talent Acquisition team at (727) 734-6435 or [email protected]. From Nursing to IT, BayCare employs a wide range of talented professionals throughout BayCare.

What is the onboarding process like at BayCare?

The onboarding process is designed for clinical students seeking a rotation at a BayCare facility. You’ll find the Tampa Bay Area is a great place to live, offering everything from professional sports venues to cultural arts festivities, miles of beaches, no state income tax, great schools and much more.