Do cruise ships go to Greenland?

Do cruise ships go to Greenland?

Several cruises depart from the main gateway to Greenland, the international airport at Kangerlussuaq, from where the route typically takes in the fantastic Evighedsfjord (Fjord of Eternity) and the dogsled town of Sisimiut just north of the Arctic Circle, as well as a number of fascinating landing sites in Disko Bay.

Do any cruises go to Iceland?

On a cruise to Iceland, explore the country’s massive glaciers and dramatic landscapes. Renowned for its pure air and otherworldly terrain of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields, and spectacular waterfalls, an Icelandic cruise with Holland America Line offers travelers amazing vistas and memorable encounters.

Where do cruises to Iceland leave from?

Iceland Cruise Itineraries Cruises depart from Southampton, England; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Cape Liberty, New Jersey.

Is Iceland allowing cruise ships in 2021?

“We are very pleased with the authorities’ decision to open the borders, with next-to-no new cases, we are ready to welcome vessels of all sizes again in Iceland.” said Pétur Ólafsson, port master of Akureyri and chair of Cruise Iceland. …

How much is an Arctic cruise?

This luxury does not come cheap though and luxury cruises are often far bigger, meaning longer waiting times for shore landings and fewer stops. Prices start around $7,000 and go upwards to about $30,000 depending upon itinerary and region. The average price is around $10,000.

Can you sail from the US to Iceland?

If you’re within driving distance of Boston, a new cruise itinerary from Holland America will let you do it. The Seattle-based cruise line has announced plans for a new, 24-day voyage to Iceland out of Boston that will include a complete circumnavigation of the island nation — a first for the line.

Is Iceland allowing cruise ships to dock?

In Iceland there are a few ports large enough for cruise ships to dock and most of them arrive during the summer time. We at Iceland Guided Tours and our syster company FAB Travel, offer high quality, small group tours from the main ports servicing the passengers of the Cruise Ships.