A Functional Way to Prepare for Your Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect Exam with Online Training and Practice Tests

A Functional Way to Prepare for Your Google Professional Certbolt Cloud Architect Exam with Online Training and Practice Tests

The process of becoming a Google Professional Cloud Architect isn’t all fun and games. In fact, it can be an uphill struggle because of its level of difficulty. This certification is part of the advanced-level credentials, which require more than 3 years of technical experience, plus more than 1 year of Google Cloud background. Quite definitive, right?

Furthermore, even if you have the right set of work experience, you couldn’t get too confident. The certification procedure is pretty challenging. So, we’re here to make it less demanding and more efficient. Check out the three relevant tips below on how to properly train for your upcoming assessment. Certbolt.com

Be well-versed with the exam outline

First of all, it’s important to know the nuts and bolts of Google Professional Cloud Architect. It’s a 2-hour assessment that is available in English and Japanese. The questions are formatted in both multiple-choice and multiple-select types. Currently, the registration fee is $200, with delivery methods of either online or onsite proctored test.

Study the right training materials

The next step is to gather the right prep resources. And you won’t have to spend extra time researching for quality materials because Google has these readily available. Start with the on-demand “Architecting with Google Compute Engine” course that runs for 2 hours. Right after, you can enrol in the 1-day “Preparing for the Professional Cloud Architect Examination” training. The contents follow the official exam outline so it’s much easier for you to track and recall the topics.

Aside from the said courses, you shouldn’t miss the provided hands-on exercises via Qwiklabs and GCP. These technical labs give you a more practical experience so you’ll be ready both on your exam and your real job. Adding up to the relevant test references are the online Google cloud discussions that offer extra exam insights and tips.

Calibrate your progress with practice tests

This is the last but very crucial course of action. Using sample exams help you with topic mastery. It further assists you in uncovering the areas that need more focus. It’s normal to get a low score on your first-time answering mock questions because your knowledge is still a work in progress.


Consequently, it’s recommended that you utilize practice tests more than once so you can go through the core areas strategically. It may seem like a waste of time, but it’s actually a practical move. Why? It’s because these resources future-proof yourself with incomprehensible surprises during your real exam. At the end of the day, it’s better to go through the eye of the needle and deliver remarkable results, right?


The Google Professional Cloud Architect credential is not just a test of your skills but also your professional attitude. Thus, put all your training materials and practice tests together to get a better exam result. Surely, these are instrumental sources of wisdom that cover the bases of your certification assessment.