As you can imagine, office days were not as interesting as the publication of photos and videos in social networks. Read the biographies of famous bloggers who were able to quit the unloved job to get creative and inspire others.
He leads the beloved TV program. Reboot, and in the intervals between travels gives interviews to well-known publications. And most of all his fans appreciate that the man, as they say, came into show business from the people. For a long time, he was an ordinary Instagram blogger and recorded videos for men. But the most interesting thing is that after leaving school he didn’t plan to become famous. John entered the university at the faculty of advertising and public relations, worked as a waiter in an entertainment institution, and then as a car sales manager. That is, led the usual “earthly” life. Only in 2015, when its publications on the social network began to collect millions of views, and Internet users began to learn on the street, the future celebrity entered the TV school of television and began to dream of a creative career. And, as we now see, his dreams came true!