"It's like being in Paris, yet only a few blocks away. Our dinner was delicious. It was terrific to sit outside with the September-like weather in mid-July. Terasol is a real gem!"

"The food puts Le Diplomate in the shade and on weekend nights there is usually some understated combo laying down some tasy jazz. This place certainly doesn't garner the attention of DC's splashier establishments, but they do a bang-up job. Very reasonable wine list. Seafood specials are especially noteworthy. Paté is superb, & crab deviled egg app. Yum."

     " Just around the quiet ‘quartiers’ of Chevy Chase, you’ll find the only Parisian café/art gallery for miles. In fact, Terasol, which is Latin-speak for ‘Earth’ and ‘Sun,’ might be one of the only mash-ups of its kind anywhere. The lovechild of Alan Moin and Sabrina Ousmaal, Terasol is a café situated in a veritable art gallery. Of course, once your food comes out, you might have some trouble differentiating between the art on the walls and that which was just set down on your table. See, the Parisian classics served up here, such as Niçoise Salad, Boeuf Bourguignon and Quiche Lorraine, look like works of art. And the taste? Even better. I sampled the Croque Monsieur sandwich and became an instant fan. And while now I have my lunch game on lock, I'm pumped to return to Terasol after dark on the weekends when this gallery café transforms into a romantic jazz club. As if the Croque Monsieur wasn't enough of an aphrodisiac... "

"The food and atmosphere are top notch! The service was very attentive and helpful. Our party of four enjoyed an early dinner before a show. Two of us had the mussels which were the best mussels I've ever eaten...and I've eaten a lot of mussels. One of our party had the hanger steak and another the gazpacho and quiche au roquefort. We pretty much licked our plates clean. All was delicious! The restaurant itself is in a nice neighborhood and we found parking right out front. We highly recommend Terasol"

 "Wonderful food and service.  There is a true chef in the kitchen.  Each of the seven at our dinner table had exquisite meals, from onion soup, a wonderful cheese plate, lobster ravioli, salmon, salads, steaks and vegetarian dishes.  The food was fresh, delicious, and  beautifully presented.  A perfect place to eat and just across from Politics and Prose."
"A piece of St Germain in Upper NW--
Terasol is quite unique for upper NW. It's a small, very French bistro with absolutely delicious food. The quiche Lorraine was better than any I had in France; terrific texture and crust. All their salads are perfectly dressed and their onion soup might as well be a signature dish. All of these delights are inexpensive and the ambiance includes soft, gorgeous lighting with fantastic music on the weekends. The performers are all very impressive who have played many distinquished venues. The music could be featured on its own! You won't be dissapointed. It will become a favorite,romantic spot. Handcrafted items for sale as well."
"Wanted to share that my friends and I have had,  yet another great meal at our neighborhood French bistro, Terasol (across the street from Politics & Prose).  The coffee is the best in the area, for sure.  The salads are tasty and dressed perfectly.  The baguette is warm and crispy.  Soup could not be better.  The omelette is perfectly cooked.  All of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners that have had have been A+.  The atmosphere is artsy with beautiful pottery and other artwork for sale.  The jazz music is soothing and adds to the hip-Parisian bistro atmosphere (a great escape!).  I am glad that we have this gastronomic gem in our neighborhood...and if you haven't tried Terasol, please do...and enjoy!"
"My husband and I had a wonderful dinner and evening at Terasol, enjoying everything from the delicious three-course meal (fresh ingredients, savory flavors, and filling portions) to the lovely music, to the delightful salon-like ambience. We greatly appreciate the personal touch and the idea of people gathering over good food with music and handcrafted objects as the backdrop.
The gallery offers an assortment of striking items, each offering up its own
artistic merit. You can select very personal gifts that will delight and touch
friends without breaking the bank. We very much hope that this addition to the neighborhood's larger restaurants, which aim to fill us up quickly, then get us out the door (a goal not without its own merits and advantages in busy Washington), is here to stay."
"Best kept secret--Wonderful little bistro with a lot of atmosphere. Small, comfortable, limited but excellent menu. Also sells pottery by local artists."
"Terasol is a special little cafe...it truly feels like a little Paris bistro but with friendlier staff. The staff is attentive and eager to please. The food is tasty, the wine good, and the music on Friday and Saturday evenings a lovely bonus!"
"I went in for a quick coffee a few days ago.  I didn't have time to eat but the food coming out of the kitchen looked and smelled amazing so I vowed I would be back for a full meal...Well I just got home from a wonderful dinner.  The Onion Soup was just what I needed on a cold winter night and the Beef Bourguignon was delicious.  The bread was fresh and perfect and the wine selection was a perfect balance with the cuisine. 
Food gets an A+ 
Location gets an A+ 
Prices get an A+ 
Service gets an A+ 
If you haven't checked out Terasol, don't think...just go and you won't be disappointed. 
Oh and the owners were there and they were super nice and very friendly and were treating everyone in the place like they were old friends."
"French gem on CT Ave.  Overall, this place is a great find. The meal was excellent - real French food and tasteful as ever. The menu is limited but we found that everything on it is what they do really well (esp the frisee salad with warm goat cheese and for dessert, the dark chocolate mousse). It was a place to remember."
"Simple French food beautifully prepared and served. "
"My wife and I enjoyed our first dinner here on a Saturday night. The dining room is smallish and appealing -- stylistically simple, classicaly old-fashioned, and sort of European (or even like something on Magazine Street in New Orleans). Everyone involved in the service is helpful and pleasant, including the owners who take orders and facilitate things. On Saturdays, there's live music playing, and that helps to warm the feel and the sound of the room. The menu is limited and straightforward -- boeuf bourguignon, quick, salads, roast chicken, for example. While the flavors were not exciting or special, everything was good, and was just what we wanted, and we had a nice time in a very pleasant room. We will go back there again."
" 4 of us love having this friendly, classy addition to the neighborhood. It is unusual in decor , low-key and welcoming."
"I had the pleasure of twice visiting Terasol (5010 Connecticut Ave - across from Politics and Prose) on its grand opening day yesterday -- my good fortune! The combination gallery - lots of beautiful pottery - and delightful cafe is pleasant, inviting -- and delicious! I had a glass of wine in the afternoon and 
then in the late evening returned for a fabulous dinner -- bœuf bourguignon. 
What a treat to have a local cafe with freshly baked pastry, espresso drinks, 
open from breakfast through late dinner. 
The decor with its yellow and coppery theme is set off with Chihulyesqe sconces and chandeliers - all brightened by the orginal but previously covered skylight. Owners Sabrina and Alan warmly welcome every guest. Think Terasol will quickly become a neighborhood favorite."

"Terasol rocks 
Terasol's pastries & coffee are *very* good. had some yesterday w/wife & 
friends. thank god for a walkable alternative to the long-available options 
in chch."
"A neighborhood gem with excellent food and stylish atmosphere. Crafts are also available for purchase. Guitar accompaniment to dinner on Friday evenings. A terrific place to meet with a warm, smart, intimate decor. A piece of St. Germain des Pres on Connecticut Ave. Onion Soup is suberb, salads well done and hearty, quiche is excellent and there are a host of other fine dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Prices are modest and the value is excellent."
"Terasol has the most attractive decor of any restaurant in the neighborhood.  Among the attractions is pottery turned out by one of the couple who own the place & some of her potting friends. nice stuff. In my 2nd trip there, this time for lunch, my appreciation of the place deepened."
"This is a new neighborhood place across from Politics & Prose that I found out about on the local Listerv.  It's a smart little copper/gold painted "bistro" serving wine, coffees, teas, soup, salads, quiche, and simple dessert crepes.  I had a the salad nicoise--a lovely large salad with tuna, haricots verte, potatoes, greens, yummy capers, tomatoes, and anchovy fish--and nice onion soup.  Next time I'll try some wine, quiche, crepes, and coffee.  Maybe even breakfast. 

Service is down-to-earth, the butter is delicious along with the bread, prices are reasonable.  They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I can see this as one of my few comfortable, neighborhood go-to places where I can relax, linger, or have a quick beverage.  

The front is a shop selling ceramics, jewelry, bath salts, and other fun arts pieces--you may remember them from the Arcade down the street several years ago." 

"I received my order and I’m very pleased with it!  I am especially impressed with the soap dish and bowl.  The craftsmanship is excellent!  Thank you so much for everything."

"Thanks--the website looks great.  I have some friends in the immediate area and although I've mentioned your store to them, now they can easily see for themselves what a wonderful place it is.  Keep up the good work!"

"MLM and I have fallen in love with this place in your neighborhood.   I have to say this shop has very reasonable prices for beautiful pottery--sold by two of the nicest people--Sabrina and her husband.  Check out the website and then the store--you won't be disappointed.  And please tell your friends!
(I want to support art however I can--someone has to...)"
"I happened into this new pottery shop today to discover a real gem! Local
potters who work together in Adams Morgan have a retail outlet at the
beautifully restored CC Arcade.
Prices are very reasonable for quality pieces."

"This is just the kind of place our community needs. The
pieces are gorgeous handmade items by people who live and work in CC. It's a
wonderful new shop where people can purchase gifts or items for their homes from the people who have crafted them. We couldn't resist buying several pieces today!"

"It  is a nice environment there! Good people and good art."